Our Services

Turnkey Installations
By providing mechanical, electrical, fabrication, and civil services, we can relieve the headache of coordinating the different aspects of your project. Our project managers will coordinate trades, tasks, and overlapping job scopes. We employ certified journeymen in each trade to self-perform your project. The sharing of equipment, labor, and materials reduces the costs and time to complete your project and avoids conflict between different contractors.
Successful completion of your project requires experience and skill. Our Mechanical Division is staffed with Welders, Pipefitters, Riggers, Ironworkers, Millwrights, and experienced Foremen to safely and efficiently perform to your specific requirements.
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Providing Power Distribution, Control wiring, and Automated Systems are just a few of the varied capabilities offered by our Electrical Division.
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Whether you need a pump grouted, a new tank containment, massive machinery foundations, or a 200 year old brick wall repaired, our experienced Civil Division can fulfill your requirements.
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Industrial Fabrication
Most facility improvements and additions require the fabrication of components and structures. Our 36,000 sq. ft. Fabrication Facility can supply your structural and miscellaneous metal requirements and coordinate delivery with the project erection schedule.
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Construction Management
A relationship with MSI gives you the capability of approaching all the needs of your facility with confidence. Our access to pre-approved subcontractors enables you to meet all your needs through one "known" MSI contact person. Let us perform the scheduling and coordination, with your input and approvals, to complete your requirements on time and within budget.
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In today's work environment, safety of your employees and ours is a major focus of MSI.
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