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About Us

Industrial Construction Services

MSI is an industrial-commercial construction and maintenance company offering its services to the community since 1972. We take pride in providing our customers with non-union, multi-craft capabilities in the mechanical, civil, fabrication, electrical and construction management fields. We specialize in Industrial-grade performance, quality, and safety applied to your requirements and needs.

We are dedicated to reducing project costs, maintaining safety, and providing quality work, as well as satisfying our customer's schedule. We are very loyal to our customers and enjoy close relationships with them to stay aware of their individual requirements, procedures, and areas of special concern. We would appreciate the opportunity to develop a relationship with you to address your individual needs.

Thank you for considering MSI for your future projects. We hope to show you why Our Motto is: "CREDIBILITY... Achieved Through Performance".

Certified by the State of SC Contractor's Licensing Board
General Contractor classifications - Building (BD5), Boilers (BL5)
Mechanical Contractor classifications - Process Piping (1P5), Electrical (EL5), Plumbing (PB5), Heating (HT5), Air Conditioning (AC5)